Video nullifies Israeli claims of ongoing fight before journalist Abu Akleh’s shooting


JERUSALEM: A new video that begins moments before Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed has emerged showing relative calm and quiet, contrary to claims by Israeli officials that fighting was taking place in area.

Abu Akleh (51) was killed by an Israeli soldier on May 11, according to colleagues and witnesses who were present at scene, while covering a military raid by Israeli forces in occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

Clip, which was verified by Al Jazeera, shows initial quiet with no sounds of fighting, corroborating witness reports that there were no clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian fighters at time of shooting, as Israelis have suggested. Some people are seen to be talking and laughing in foreground, with people in background, including Abu Akleh and some of her colleagues wearing blue press flak jackets, also visible.

Abu Akleh and other journalists are walking in direction of where Israeli forces were located, before gunfire shots start ringing out.

Once shooting starts, people in foreground start running away from where Israeli forces were positioned. Abu Akleh can be seen lying in street after being shot.–Agencies