The City Of Lights


By Syeda Hoor Shumail

Karachi is one of biggest, wealthiest and most inhabited cities of Pakistan. Until 1958, it was also capital of Pakistan. Being former capital, it is potential trade hub and known to be backbone of Pakistan’s economic system. It is also one of world’s biggest megacities. It is also known as city of lights that never sleeps and it has always been a great attraction to tourists for variety of activities and tourist spots that it has to offer. Karachi is world’s 7th least expensive urban centre in spending comfortable life. It’s world’s second most populous city. In 2017, there were about 17.63 million people who have extended to 25 million till now. This city is spreaded over to 3,527 kilometer per square.

Considered to be eight most populous metropolitan city in world, Karachi is land of culture, history, trade, fashion, entertainment, investment and high-rise sky scrapers. Just to get from one place to other, one needs to get out of their homes an hour before at least and that’s beauty of Karachi. Once you’re on road, you notice how city is always brimming with so much energy, enthusiasm and warmth. It’s a party city and cultural one at same time. It’s a melting pot of various religions, ethnicities, cultures and languages. And all these features add to uniqueness, diversity and versatility of city.

Talking about our native city rejoice heart and breezes in joyful feelings inside out. This city has tremendous love in itself, which attracts every people of Pakistan. People from every part of country come here to live and earn their bread. Therefore, a variety of Pakistani culture can be seen here. It is rightly said that Karachi becomes a home to everyone and anyone. It is also seen as world’s fourth largest metropolitan area which has expanded by leaps and bounds. Globally it has become the fastest growing city where population is increased dramatically. Since this won’t be denied to call it “Mini Pakistan”.

Being a Karachiites, it is my duty to describe about beauty of this city but also to put light on its issues. It is said that city of Karachi was once a mere village of fishermen who settled on shores of Arabian Sea has become one of modern mega-cities of world. Another historic detail is found about this old city that it was founded as fortified village of Kolachi in 1729. With arrival of British, its importance increased drastically. British made Karachi a major seaport and connected it with rest of country with a railway network. After independence of Pakistan, its population increased. My city experienced rapid economic growth after independence. It is one of world’s fastest-growing cities. It is also known as “City of Lights” in 1960s and 1970s for its vibrant nightlife. It is also famous for its beaches.

Another beautiful history pertains to city of light is birth of our father of nation ‘Muhammad Ali Jinnah’, founder of Pakistan was born in Karachi’s Wazir Mansion in 1876. His tomb is landmark of Karachi. Most important historical sites in Karachi are hundred-year-old tombs located in Chowkandi graveyard. Karachi has many beautiful parks. It has a hot desert climate dominated by a long “Summer Season” while moderated by oceanic influence from Arabian Sea. While summers are hot and humid, cool sea breezes typically provide relief during hot summer months.

Since 90’s Karachi has victimized with massive crowd, heavy traffic, nasty environment, and unpleasant breezes. We used to listen from ancestors about the exquisiteness of this land, a less crowded city than it is now. It was lightened with working street lights and high-power electricity which kept its beauty to be called it “City of Lights”. However, today, un-lightened, broken and damaged street lights have precipitated city with darkness and so-called lighting city is currently practicing darkness.

One of crucial issues that Karachi residents face is sewage matter. This system lacks city wide coverage. Only 40 percent of people are linked with sewage system which means 60 percent of population has to deal with this problem. Further, this city is full of newly graduates who are sitting idle at home without jobs. And therefore, have faced with dilemma of unemployment.

Without prejudice to worst conditions, this city is also recognised as highest tax-paying and one of largest providers of employment to people who come from other provinces/cities of country. It is life of Pakistan as it is country’s premier centre of trade, industry and banking.

In nutshell, to overcome root problems in mega city, government should take some instantaneous steps for day-to-day hassles and at large encourage foreign direct investment and industrialisation and ought to opt for permanent solutions. Being responsible citizens, if we want to make our beloved city ‘Karachi’ free from its present problems and bring it back to its past glory, we have to cooperate with each other and government also have to contribute our share of efforts towards improving its condition. Then and only then, there may be any hope for dark clouds lifting. In last, I pray that may Allah bless my city with peace and prosperity.