Terror revisits Karachi


Though it is too early to name the terrorists group behind the Karachi blast that killed one person beside injuring over a dozen, yet one thing is for sure that terror which has started rearing its frightening head again which is evident from the increased number of terrorists act across the country since last year after the Taliban take over in Afghanistan.

In fact with the passage of time, it is becoming more and more visible with continued blasts and attacks mostly on security personnel and also targeting security installations as was the case in Nushki, Balochistan attacks.

A new reign of terror has been unleashed across the country and after the terror blasts in border regions in KP and Balochistan and the attacks in Lahore, Islamabad, the port city of Karachi too is the latest addition to the target-list of terrorists which can be evident from two terror attacks in less than a month.

As per finding of a report by Pakistan Institute of Peace Studies (PIPS), the Taliban government in neighboring Afghanistan is not helping in any way our country’s efforts to deal with the terrorists outfits threatening security of Pakistan. This report shows that there is 57 per cent rise in terrorists’ acts across Pakistan since the Taliban take-over in Afghanistan as terrorists groups like the TTP and Balochistan Liberation Front (BLA) as al-Qaeda affiliates have started regrouping after the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

The purpose to say is that though the intelligence agencies are yet working and investigating as to who is behind the Karachi attacks, but going by the current situation, it is definitely the work of some terrorists outfit. In fact it was a forceful blast that also damaged several vehicles and broke the windows-panes of nearby buildings. As a matter fact, terror incident have increased by more than fifty per cent across the country. Since January this year, the country is in grip of terrorist attacks, mostly in the Balochistan and the KP province where the security personnel and security installations are on the radar of militants.

Though a full-scale operation was also carried out against militant in Nushki, Balochistan and some other sensitive areas of Baluchistan where the terrorists had their hide-outs but there is still an urgent need for a country-wide military operation against the terrorists, who have regrouped after the Fall of Kabul to Taliban in August last year. One would agree with the Sindh Minister Sharjeel Memon, who said that not only Karachi, but the entire country is facing serious terror threat. Sharjeel Memon went on to state that a suicide blast took place at Confucius Institute at Karachi University, however, it’s too early to connect the two incidents. Sindh Information Minister further stated that neither a person nor any institute was targeted in the blast, however, there was no threat of blast at any particular place.

The fact that the blast may have targeted the vehicle of a personnel from the Coast Guard indicates that the it was in continuation of the last month attack at KU where  a suicide bombing carried out by a woman suicide killer at the Karachi University Confucius Institute killed targeted Chinese nationals and killed three of them as also their Pakistani  driver.  Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) which has been involved in a number of similar attacks had claimed responsibility for this gruesome act of terrorism. The motive of the BLA was sabotage the CPEC project, which is the game-changer project in Pakistan.

BLA has also been behind the attacks on security personnel and security installations in Balochistan. Both the TTP and the BLA have regrouped themselves in the aftermath of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan and are being carrying out attacks at will at any place across the country. Some of the attacks clearly indicate the capabilities of these groups. For instance, the attack at Shiite mosque in Peshawar that killed over sixty in February last was in fact a mega attack which was claimed by IS.  Other attacks mostly at the security personnel have mostly been the work of TTP. The irony is that during the period  last government, Imran Khan  did  not take the terror threat seriously and while the terrors gropes were regrouping themselves and busy in terror attacks across the country,  the government was most focused on talks with Taliban, who were behind many of these attacks as claimed by them. Instead of initiating action against them, the government of IK preferred to hold talks with such terrorists.

Though Taliban and the BLA have been involved in sporadic attacks in the country during the last two years, but those attacks were mostly confined to the border areas and to the suburbs of big cities, but during the last one year after the Taliban take over in Afghanistan they have started emerging in big cities including Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi which speaks volume of their capabilities to strike at will.

In fact, the TTP are following the ideology of the Afghan Taliban and they follow the footprints of Afghan Taliban and share the same view and ideology of forming an Islamic order of governance. There is no denying that TTP is the main force behind terror in the country, it is also a facilitator of other regional terror groups like the BLA etc.