SHC censures SBCA on granting approval to dead man for building construction


KARACHI: Sindh High Court (SHC) yesterday noted with dismay that officials of Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) appeared to be hand in gloves with builders involved in illegal construction in city.

A two-judge bench, headed by Justice Zafar Ahmed Rajput was shocked to know that SBCA official had issued approval for construction in 2019 on an application of a man who had died in 1989. The counsel for SBCA submitted that criminal proceedings were being initiated against builder who raised illegal construction on plot No. 133 Block 5 Nazimabad. Justice Zafar Rajput observed that SBCA took action only after court pointed out violation of law.

“Are SBCA official unable to find illegalities when documents were submitted to them for necessary permissions,” Justice Zafar asked. Bench pointed out that purported applicant, Mehboob Ali Shah who was granted permission of construction in 2019 had died in 1989. Bench asked SBCA’s deputy director for district central whether applicant needed to submit a copy of his national identity card with application for permissions. Deputy Director submitted a copy of computerised national identity card that needs to be attached with all applications.–PPI