Sea of people will ‘clean sweep’ everyone if elections date not announced: Imran


National Courier Desk

Mardan: PTI Chairman Imran Khan warned that if a date for the general elections is not announced, then the “sea of people” heading towards Islamabad would be detrimental to the interests of the government. Addressing a public gathering in Mardan, Imran said an “absconder” sitting in London must realise that he would not be allowed to take decisions about Pakistan. Imran emphasised that he was calling people to Islamabad for a “revolution” and not for politics.

Referring to Shehbaz Sharif, Asif Zardari and Maulana Fazlur Rehman as “three stooges”, he said they were slaves of America with their wealth stashed abroad.

He alleged that coalition government would soon approach US for help, adding that Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was also set to hold a meeting in America in this regard. “It is same America that had tapped your phone call with your mother when she was sharing details of your family assets abroad,” Imran said, referring to Bilawal. He continued that PPP Chairperson would “beg for more money” from US on pretext that Imran would return to power if money was not provided. “I know Americans very well they say there is no free lunch. Everything has a cost and in context of Pakistan, cost is to provide them military bases,” ex-PM said. Imran said his government was set to procure wheat and oil from Russia at a 30 per cent discount, adding that “Current government cannot trade with Russia due to US pressure.”

He said Pakistan under new regime would have to give statements against Russia because US wanted it. PTI chief claimed he was also told same. “But I refused it as we are a sovereign country and not slaves of anyone.” He called upon people to break shackles of fear and reach Islamabad. “Slaves of America imposed on us will never let us become a great nation.” Imran said he assumed power in 2018 when country was in debt. Narrating “efforts” his government made to steer country out of crisis, Imran said he approached “friendly countries Saudi Arabia, UAE and China” to save Pakistan from bankruptcy.

He said it was “embarrassing” for him to reach out to different countries for loans, adding that “you lose your respect when you beg for money from someone”.

He said conspiracy to oust his government was executed at a time when country was reviving economically.

“When I learned about conspiracy, I told those who were capable of stopping it. I told them our economy will collapse and suffer. I also sent Shaukat Tarin to tell it to those who consider themselves neutral. But unfortunately, plot was not thwarted,” he said.

Imran demanded of Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a commission to investigate “foreign conspiracy” as per letter written to CJP by President Arif Alvi.

He said proposed commission must hold open hearings as earlier demanded by his party.