Power generation up by 11.5pc during 10MFY22


By Commerce Reporter

Karachi: Power generation went up by 23.7 percent year to year to 12,960 GWh (18,001 MW) during Apr’22, compared to 10,481 GWh (14,557 MW) during Apr’21. Rise in generation was owed to higher generation from FO, wind, nuclear, bagasse and solar.

Major contributors during Apr’22 were RLNG (share: 19pc), Hydel (share: 19pc), Nuclear (share: 17pc), Coal (share: 17pc), FO (share: 12pc), Gas (share: 10pc), Wind (share: 4pc), Bagasse (share: 1pc) and solar (share: 1pc).

FO based power generation increased by 10.6x YoY. Wind, nuclear, bagasse and solar based generation also increased by 136pc, 111pc, 50pc and 28pc YoY respectively

During Apr’22, fuel cost for power generation increased by 11pc MoM and 84pc YoY to an average of PKR 10.24/KWh compared to an average cost of PKR 9.22/KWh and PKR 5.57/KWh during Mar’22 and Apr’21 respectively.