Plight of Rohingya Muslims refugees


It is very disturbing that Rohingya Muslims are dying unsung for decades with no hope of their permanent settlement on their homeland for the time being. Whether in Mayanmar or in refugees’ camps in Bangladesh and elsewhere, they are facing the worst kind of violence in varied form.

First they faced ethnic cleaning in Maynamar where millions were killed in worst kind of violence by the Myanmar armies and authorities. They faced a sort of genocide, their villages were set on fire and they were slaughtered like animals.

Whatever section of this most vulnerable section of the world population was able to run away and take refuge in neighboring countries also going through permanent ordeal, Thousands were killed while running for their life when boats sunk while crossing rivers while thousands died to unavailability of food during the tough and adverse conditions faced by them during journey.

And now they are facing adverse situation in refugees camps where they continue to live a miserable lives and often come across incidents like  big fires etc which add to their .

The huge blaze in Rohingya refugee’s camp in Bangladesh is a case in point. The fire was of intense kind and it completely destroyed the abodes of 5,500 people  who are now living under open sky in the adverse weather as they are totally homeless right now.

The huge blaze took place at a camp in Cox’s Bazar which also destroyed and burnt whatever belongings this helpless community had at its disposal.

This is not the first incident of its kind. In fact, such tragedies occur on regular basis in their camps in Bangladesh, where majority of Rohingya Muslims have taken refuge.

In March last, a similar blaze occurred which killed as many 15 Rohingya Muslims occurred at the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Conditions at these refugees’ camps are mostly filthy, with families living in rickety structures.

The men, women and children living in these camps are facing the worst kind of miseries in the refugees camps but they are enduring it as they have no other alternative to turn to as they are driven out from their Aarkine state of Mayanmar by the authorities who resorted to ethnic cleansing of the community in August 2017 where both young and old people were decapitated, and women and young girls were raped, entire villages were set on fire by Myanmar military in a campaign named clean-up operation which was not short of genocide.

The way Rohingya Muslim community was attacked, their homes burnt,  women and girls abused and raped, and men, women slaughtered speaks volume.

As per statistics by Human Rights Watch as many as thousands were killed within few days while almost 200 Rohingya villages were destroyed and burned in ethnic cleanings in 2017 by Mayanmar  army military which forced this community to flee their homes and take refuge in neighbouring countries mainly Bangladesh which is housing the biggest refugee camps right now.

Since these Rohingya Muslims are now statelessness due to violence in Myanmar, they have to endure it all with no other choice available to them.

Their plight can be gauged from the fact that UN has named the Rohingya Muslims as the world’s most persecuted minority.

The situation in Rakhine from where these Rohingya Muslims were uprooted has not changed and those people that are still left in Rakhine have been facing great cruelties and hardships as there is a soft of ban on their free movement and speech, they are deprived of basic rights and facilities and always at risk of violence and threats from the authorities consisting of the junta as well as armed Buddhist groups who unleashed heaps of violence on innocent Rohinyga Muslim minorities and not only killed them in thousands but also rendered them stateless,  forcing them to live a miserable life in refugees camps abroad.

Though the UN and the international community continues to call for a restoration of democracy in Myanmar, but to no avail. However, one would appeal to the UN and the international community to continue their efforts for guarantying the fundamental rights of Rohingya Muslims.

The world community must highlight the forced displacement of this most persecuted community of the world.  The way they live in horrendous  conditions at refugee and IDP camps is matter of concern.

The world knows that hundreds have drowned in an attempt to escape violence and find shelter in neighboring countries while whatever have succeeded in finding refuge are fainting various risks.

The host countries like Bangladesh have been unable to provide them even basic facilities. Rather the local authorities at times indulge in the victimization of this displaced community people. For instance, they drove out thousands of Rohingya refugees to a remote island in the Bay of Bengal namely Bashan Char where the refugees are living in miserable conditions.

Time has come for serious international action on the plight of Rohingya Muslims who are dying unsung.