PIMA expresses concern over Sindh government’s takeover of KMC hospitals


By Senior Reporter

KARACHI: The condition of KMC hospitals is terrible, but the solution to this problem is not to make them subordinate to the Sindh government. The press conference statements were issued by the President of PIMA, Dr Abdullah Mutaqi, General secretary  Dr Zeeshan, and the working council member, Dr Sanowwar Ali. They said that the Sindh government should first state about the condition of existing health centres in Sindh. Including Karachi, in the Sindh govt run Hospitals, patients do not have the medicines available. Radiology services machines are faulty, and there is a severe staff shortage. Most of the hospital projects have been incomplete for many years. In such cases, instead of improving these hospitals, more hospitals have been handed over to the Sindh health department. The health department should provide a budget to KMC to improve the condition of hospitals.

They further said that the dispute between the Pakistan Medical Commission and Sindh Health Department on the issue of MDCAT 2021 is intensifying and neither PMC nor Health Department is ready to back down from their position.