LSMs’ production increases by 10.4pc in July-March 2022


From Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) units production increased by 10.4 percent in last 9 months of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), Pakistan Bureau of Statistics told yesterday. Detail revealed that 10.4 percent increase seen from July to March in which 26.6 percent increase in large industries on annual bases monitored only in March. Production increased in textile, drinks, chemicals, automobile sector with Iron and steel, furniture, leather goods, paper sector and foods and some other sectors.

According to statistics, production increased 8.2 percent in March as compared to February, while from July to March annual increase was 3.2 percent. 157.5 percent increase in wood products, 16.7 percent increase in tabaco, 301.8 percent increases in furniture and 11.7 percent increases were found in edible items. Drinks got 0.7 percent record increase and chemicals has gained 7.85 percent increase. Iron and steel 16.5 percent and automobile sector production increased to 54.1 percent while leather goods got 1.5 percent and cock, petroleum enjoyed 2 percent increase. Paper and board got 8.5 percent increase and pharmaceutical and electronic sector beared 0.4 percent and 1.1percent decrease respectively.