KMC departments lock horns over fake utility bills issue


By S R Khan

Karachi: Two KMC departments lock horns with each other over issuance of ‘fake’ municipal utility and taxation (MUCT) bills by KMC land department.

On March 3, KMC MUCT Director Syed Tasneem Ahmed wrote letter to KMC Land Director Najam-uz-Zaman to address irregularities made by land department officials.

A case in which an apartment owner Mukesh Kumar, residing at Flat No Y-401 in Parsa View Clifton who went to land department for mutation/transfer of his flat. Land is not transferred without clearing MUCT charges.

Land department officials Farooq and Adnan gave him complete MUCT bill with arrears amounting to Rs 27,608 which was paid by him showing consumer ID No A0056993000.

However, owner received another MUCT bill on next month showed different ID number A00052017000 along with 5 percent arrears amounting Rs 1,990 and outstanding balance Rs 15,697.

Later it was revealed that bill provided by land department officials was fake and was intentionally made for reason best known by them. Correct ID number shows MUCT charges amounting to Rs 15,697.

KMC MUCT Director said same wrong doing was reported in year 2019 in which same officials had deliberately done wrong No action was taken against them, adding if such officials would continue to work in land department that would not only loss to KMC but also extend their unwanted desires.

He said if no adequate action is taken by department, there will be no solution left rather than to forward case to anti-corruption department.

He assured thousands of rupees embezzlements in mis-figuring MUCT charges, adding hundreds of bills were being manipulated.

KMC Land Department Director Najam-uz-Zaman said that allegations are baseless.

HE said after checking record and MUCT bill same ID number is issued by MUCT department.

Zaman said KMC MUCT Director can verify record with his department against claim made by him.

Land Director said he will take up issue with Karachi Administrator and KMC Metropolitan Commissioner.

“I know who was involved in wrong doings in past, but I do not want to involve in confrontation,” Zaman added.

KMC Land Department Deputy Director Adnan Haider tried to simplify allegations. He said bill is issued by MUCT department, not land department.

Land department helps MUCT department for increasing their recovery by ensuring paid MUCT charges for mutation and transfer of land. He said paid bill amount is higher than MUCT bill received by consumer later.

“It is an open proof, if we may involve in corruption than paid bill is of less amount than original bill,” he added. However, consumer had already paid more amount against bill received in next month, adding amount was deposited in bank not in officials’ private bank account.

MUCT department is hiding its negligence, as consumer has already submitted refund application in MUCT department.

In refund cases, MUCT department is to prepare a note sheet in which they must have to provide reason of refund, which will shows their negligence.

“KMC MUCT department’s data is incorrect adding inquiry of case should be conducted,” Haider added.