Karachi attack mastermind SRA terrorist killed in encounter: Murtaza Wahab


By Adnan Amanat

KARACHI: Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab announced that a prime accused in May 12 Karachi bombing was killed in police encounter along with his two associates on May 18. One person was killed and eight other people got injured in a blast that took place in Saddar. A proscribed ethnic terrorist organisation Sindhdesh Revolutionary Army took responsibility of attack.

In press conference, administrator said that Counter Terrorism Department had evidences against a SRA  terrorist Allahdino, adding that he was present at site of blast. “Tried to flee when officials raided to arrest him. He was killed in an encounter along with his associates,” he said. Murtaza Wahab said that police has confiscated material belonging to Dino and his aides. SRA, which has claimed responsibility for many terrorist attacks was formed in 2010 by Syed Asghar Shah, an extremist Sindhi nationalist worker, originally a resident of Badah, District Larkana.

Shah had formed Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz with his old associate Shafi Burfat in 2000, parting ways with a big Sindhi nationalist party, Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz. JSMM head Burfat, originally a resident of a village of Sehwan, District Jamshoro, is residing in Germany with some of his associates. JSMM had openly announced their militant activities for their cause, initiated their political activities from platform of JSMM and formed Sindh Liberation Army for their terrorist and sabotage activities.

Shah was arrested from Karachi’s Akhtar Colony in 2005 by a special investigating cell of Sindh police. He remained behind bars for five years. In 2010, when he was released, he separated from his old partner Burfat and formed his own group, SRA. Sources close to both groups say that with passage of time, Burfat’s group weakened at their political as well as terrorist fronts, while Shah’s group gained more strength.