Govt has ‘zero-tolerance’ for campaign against Army: Info Minister


NC Desk

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for information and broadcasting Maryum Aurangzeb announced government will not tolerate any kind of systematic campaign to malign country’s Army. In response to PTI’s dissident lawmaker Noor Alam Khan’s condemnation of media anchors being allegedly involved in derogatory campaign towards Army, she said during National Assembly session that government is taking stern notice of any such activity. She said previously ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was behind social media campaign against military, adding that she would soon present data before house. On other hand, National Assembly Deputy Speaker Zahid Akram Durrani yesterday sought names for post of leader of opposition. He directed for immediate nomination of opposition leader and said that opposition’s member of National Assembly with majority votes will be new opposition leader.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leader and Federal Minister Javed Latif in his speech alleged that country’s chief executive was unable to “even transfer a police inspector”. In his speech, Latif urged judiciary to take suo motu notice of former PM Imran Khan’s claims of Army personnel families accompanying him in his political long march. “A suo motu is taken only when we talk,” Latif complained.