FO serves demarche on Canadian MP’s undiplomatic remarks


NC Desk

Islamabad: Islamabad has lodged a strong diplomatic protest with Ottawa over a Canadian MP’s “irresponsible and undiplomatic” remarks on recent political fluidity in Pakistan. Canadian high Commissioner to Pakistan was summoned to Foreign Office and a strong démarche was served, according to sources. “Diplomat was told that recent statement against Pakistan by Canadian member of Parliament Tom Kmiec was against diplomatic norms and highly irresponsible,” sources said. While speaking in lower house of Canadian parliament, Tom Kmiec who belongs to Canada’s Conservative Party allegedly sought to drag in security establishment in political volatility in Pakistan. It is immediately unclear who approached or briefed Canadian lawmaker about political situation in Pakistan. Tom Kmiec is a Canadian parliamentarian for Calgary Shepard in House of Commons. He has served in finance and foreign affairs committees and also he is former national conservative caucus chairman of 43rd Parliament.

He is accused of campaigning for groups hostile towards state of Pakistan.