Boulevard Safety-solely on following traffic rules


By Syeda Hoor Shumail

Boulevard/road safety is a most common and important topic and has been added to various fields like education, social awareness, etc. in to order to bring more awareness in public especially new age group people. In today’s era, road accidents are rampant. However, mortality rates have come down significantly due to improvements in automobile technology. Nevertheless, there are many potential hazards on road that can cause injuries or even death.

Road safety is a safety measure to reduce risk of road accidents and road side injury because of mistakes of people while driving on road. We cannot count daily road side accidents and death of people because of driving mistakes and lack of road traffic rules followers. Furthermore, ignoring road signs which provide important information such as crossroads or intersection can also be leading cause in vehicular accidents. Even maintenance of vehicle plays an important role in road safety.  All roads are busier for a full day where vehicles are running in their high-speed. People in modern world are used to their personal transportation which increases traffic on roads. Under these conditions, it is very important for everyone to be safe on roads and to follow all traffic rules and regulations.

Road side is one of most important aspects to avoid accidents, injuries and deaths, safety of people on road. We can evaluate importance of road safety on basis of national statistical data about complete information of accidents and death. In about 42 percent of cases, pedestrians and one-way roads are used. There are several ways of generating awareness among common people such as seminars, workshops, curriculum by adding basic road-security lessons, student education, stop, see, listen, think and then cross i.e. people about green cross code Make awareness, learn traffic lights, understand road signs etc. All road safety measures help a lot to avoid all road problems. There are some effective measures for road safety, such as basic information about vehicle, before starting drive on road, each person should do a safeguarding course (guidance provided by an authorised train school instructor). This is very important for road safety purposes. Everyone should be aware of how to handle various accidents and life on road (how to operate the vehicles) or serious situation arising from themselves. As an important topic, road safety measures should be added to school, so that students can get complete information about it in their initial time even before movement. Most road accidents are due to incorrect information about operation of vehicles and proper road safety measures. Day-to-day driving on road is becoming unsafe.

Road safety awareness is not just about preventing accidents and it is also about avoiding vehicle from becoming a weapon. When cars are designed with speed in mind, they are more likely to be involved in a crash, so careful driving is very essential. Ensuring everyone is safe on road is important in keeping people’s lives safe from accidents. Driving is standard way of transportation in today’s world. If someone injures themselves in a road accident, it can be result of not following road safety measures. Hence, it is important to follow road safety rules and drive safe. There are some general rules to keep in mind when driving or using public roads in general. Knowing your signals and paying attention to them whether you are a pedestrian or driver. Using sidewalks and pedestrians crossings. Ensure that you know rules and laws abiding in state you drive. Ensure that you have an approved driving license. Vehicles should travel on left side of road giving way to vehicles coming from opposite side. While in a turn or bend of road drivers should slow down vehicle for smooth travel and avoid harsh turns. Areas like schools and other crowded places are to be passed carefully to avoid crashing on any pedestrians. Those traveling on four-wheelers should wear seat belts without any fail so that they can be saved from harsh crashes even if an accident occurs. Pedestrians should follow all road crossing rules like using zebra line, following the signals, etc., while crossing a road.

These are some of basic rules to be followed while traveling. Following these safety rules will help to prevent and protect you from most of accidents caused due to carelessness and hence ensures road safety.

Road safety is therefore prime part of our life. It’s unfortunately, that major number of deaths and serious injuries still take place due to improper following of road safety rules. There is urgent need of hour to educate and aware all people regarding importance of road safety in life. In order to reduce number of road accidents and injury cases, road safety is very important for all age groups to be alert and safe. Therefore, everyone should strictly follow all rules, controllers and signs of road traffic lights. Avoiding excessive speeds and improved general awareness can significantly reduce risk of a traffic accident. Regularly checking vehicle health and maintenance of parts also eliminates any potential risks. And most importantly, do not use mobile phones while driving. To get proper education by teachers in school and to get good education from children at home, their children should be well aware of road safety through correct knowledge. A unison effort from each and every one could definitely reduce number of accidents and make our roads safer.